Week 10: The Finale

I can’t believe it’s already the final week. It feels as if it was just yesterday I was beginning to work on my project for the first time. It feels as if it was just last week I was beginning senior year, my final year of high school, my final year of BASIS. Now, all […]

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Week 9: Presentation Preparation

Wow, second to last week already… time does sure move fast. This week was spent mostly preparing and practicing for the official presentation on May 22nd. My presentation is actually during the first time slot so I really need to be prepared. After talking to my advisors, I created a rough outline of what my […]

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Week 8: The Amalgamation Fiasco

Welcome back! Thanks for joining me after a week long Spring Break! I would like to address one thing before I continue with my blog post and that is the weekly numbering system. This week, if you’re following other blogs from my fellow peers, you might notice that some of them have titled there blog […]

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Week 7: The Camera

Now at first, you might be wondering why you were just looking at 2 pictures of a giant KitKat bar. Well, I’ll get to that. This week was an extremely short week for me as I had to cram all my work into the beginning part of it. Early Thursday morning I left for Michigan […]

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Week 6: Circles

This week I used the OpenCV function, HoughCircles() to detect circles in an image. This is an extremely important step forward in my project as I will eventually be using this to detect pupils. After following some tutorials, reading through documentation, and poring over answers in various forums, I ended up writing a program which […]

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Week 5: Learning

This was the week I began getting familiar with OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision Library). OpenCV was initially released in 2000. This means thousands of people have used the library and contributed to its improvement throughout the years. As you probably cannot imagine, it has numerous different modules, all serving their own purpose in the […]

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Week 4: A Shift in Focus

I started off the week with a relaxed mind. However, it quickly became a stressful mind. For some reason, Kivy just does not want to cooperate with me. Soon, it became apparent to me that I was wasting my time. This gave me some time to think. Maybe I was going about it all wrong. […]

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Week 2: Progress

Hello again! This was a shorter week for me as I was out of town for a majority of it. Being Ski Week the week before, my family decided to go on a little vacation that extended into this week. But this did not stop me from working on my Senior Project! I took my […]

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Week 1: The Beginning

Welcome back! This week marked the first week of Trimester 3 which means the official start of the Senior Research Project! Throughout the week, I’ve conducted research to get more of a hold on what I’m going to do in the coming weeks. The mobile application I will be creating will be written in the […]

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